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Etengo is your specialist staffing service provider when it comes to the organization and management of freelance IT specialists for fixed-term projects.

We quickly and unerringly resolve bottlenecks in your expertise with experienced IT freelancers, ensuring your flexibility and ability to take action at peaks of demand. In so doing, we actively support you in making a success of major projects and innovations in time and within budget.

As an innovator, Etengo introduced a true and consistent open-book policy for customers and freelancers in 2008. At the time, this was an innovative business model that contributed significantly to our market success. Today, it’s a standard we have set in the staffing services market.

Etengo’s activities are still consistently and genuinely an open book—fair, straightforward fee calculation based on hourly rates. This disclosure leads to lean and efficient processes, and guarantees consistent, very attractive conditions for you, the customer.

'Open book' benefits

  • Complete comparability ensures competitive prices
  • Trust built on transparency for both freelancers and customers
  • Satisfied and motivated freelancers to produce optimal results
  • An adaptive pricing model through performance-based remuneration

A sophisticated recruitment process with standardised and structured procedures that are subject to consistent quality assurance has the greatest impact on quality and success.

However, both the latest technologies and intelligent software support are required to complement specifically our colleagues’ experience and skills. This is precisely why we at Etengo have been investing in continuously developing our own technologies for years. Consequently, among other things, we have developed an ontology-based matching algorithm, which has enabled us to create a set of research techniques that is unique worldwide. We use a highly flexible microservice architecture to manage our large network of specialists in the best possible manner. What’s so special about this is that it can be extended with additional functionalities in a blink. It is precisely this combination of talent and innovative technologies that enables us to present you with as many as three ideal candidates at short notice.

Etengo ensures that you have the highest level of legal compliance when using freelancers.

We provide you with practical information and useful solutions to assure legal compliance when using freelancers. Our Freelancer KIT helps you quickly and confidently get your bearings in issues relevant to using freelancers. Professional checklists, tips and useful material will provide you with the simplest, directly applicable tools for regulatory compliance when using freelancers in your company.

Our freelance indemnity insurance is a multi-tiered indemnity for active risk management. This exclusive package developed by Etengo protects your company without you having to forgo the support of freelance IT specialists, since the freelance indemnity insurance reduces the potential risks of false self-employment to a minimum and makes them predictable and manageable for you. The comprehensive warranty and liability extensions fully cover your financial and operational risks as a customer.

Etengo provides you with added value in additional services.

Our novation service actively supports you in efficiently and compliantly implementing and adapting the use of freelance IT specialists. Within the scope of novation (payroll and contract management), Etengo assumes responsibility for the negotiation and execution of all contracts, and the associated operations management to assure legal compliance when using IT freelancers in your company.

Furthermore, we have developed Etengo Smart Sourcing (ESS), a comprehensive, modular consolidation and sourcing approach for the sustainable optimisation of your procurement processes. This helps us achieve complete consolidation of your supplier structure in consultation with you and the existing partners. Our competitive multiple-partner strategy enables significant cost reduction while simultaneously accelerating processes and considerably improving quality.

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Etengo recruits the best and most sought-after IT specialists for permanent employment.

We aspire to match the right people to our customers in order to develop strong and successful teams. We quickly solve your urgent IT and IT-related staffing requirements and get you together with the most suitable candidates, who will join you on your path to success.

Our success is due to the sophisticated and interlinked approach typical of active sourcing. We call this the ‘key for talent’ principle. This is a normative and systematic approach to active sourcing, which helps us provide the right talent to complement your permanent staff.


What’s so special about the ‘key for talent’ principle?

We focus specifically on latent and passive job seekers, and to a lesser extent on active job seekers. Our experience shows that this is the key to success! Why? Because the traditional methods are obsolete, lengthy and no longer successful. Outstanding candidates in particular want to be found.

By addressing them proactively and specifically, such candidates - who are highly interesting to you - feel particularly valued right from the start. This is a costly procedure that requires proficiency in addition to experience. Experience has shown that we create a very positive candidate experience - usually in one-to-one consultation - and thus quick recruitment success with significantly higher quality candidates.


  • Address 90% of the otherwise inaccessible candidates
  • Higher candidate quality
  • Faster staffing due

As opposed to our competitors, collaboration with us is not based on contractual rules and regulations at the outset. We would rather understand your detailed needs and subsequently submit a tailor-made package. In our opinion, trusting collaboration is not based on standard terms and conditions, but on tailor-made solutions.

Ultimately, what is decisive for you is that your vacancies are filled quickly and successfully. Speed, in particular, ensures access to the top talent. That’s precisely why our fee calculation is extremely simple and transparent. We will agree on a performance-based commission without losing ourselves in the complex details of quantifying fringe benefits. In a nutshell, it is simple and convenient for you.

Why is collaborating with Etengo so successful and effective? Because we firmly believe that long-term partnership is the key to mutual success. Our experience proves us right. In keeping with the key account approach, we would like to work with you in the long term, in order to gradually get to know you better and consequently increase our understanding of your needs and requirements. In our opinion, a one-shot strategy such as that pursued by most competitors does not do justice to the highly competitive candidate market.


Our top quality and passion transform your challenges today
into corporate success tomorrow.


Niclas Bock

 (Unit Manager | Delivery Management)