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Etengo provides freelance IT specialists with easy access to attractive, fixed-term projects for renowned customers.

This will temporarily reinforce companies’ core staff and make the implementation of major innovative projects your personal success.

A partnership with Etengo will increase your sales coverage, ensure a greater workload and secure attractive, long-term revenue. On average, every third customer enquiry actually results in success: a top rate in Germany. In other words, if you are an IT specialist, an introduction by Etengo will give you the best opportunity to actually get involved in a project.


As an innovator, Etengo introduced a true and consistent open-book policy. At the time, this was an innovative business model that contributed significantly to our market success. Today, it’s a standard we have set in the staffing services market. Etengo’s activities are still consistently and genuinely an open book—fair, straightforward fee calculation based on hourly rates. This means that our freelancers always know exactly how much the customer actually pays—for your service as a freelancer and our service as a staffing service provider.

Common interests in negotiations ensure very attractive hourly rates and a fair calculation! Our open-book policy guarantees that your economic interests are represented, since a reduction in the hourly rate would hurt us too! And you can settle your account quickly and easily on our online billing portal at the end of the month. With regard to payment, our reliability and speed has impressed many of our IT specialists for years and is one of the reasons why many greatly value Etengo as a preferred partner and are happy to recommend us.

Your benefits:

  • Guaranteed representation of your economic interests
  • Trust built on transparency for you and for customers
  • The highest level of satisfaction and motivation through fair and honest collaboration
  • You secure optimal remuneration due to professional presentation

Etengo actively helps you process your involvement with the customer easily and smoothly—and in almost any existing situation.

Have you already found the perfect project but the purchasing, compliance or legal department of the relevant company has prohibited the direct commissioning of external parties? Etengo’s novation service provides a simple solution that ensures regulatory and, above all, legal compliance: we conclude a service contract with you and another contract with the customer. Thus, we will conduct the entire processing and associated contract and operations management as a staffing service provider. Of course, we will be liable to the customer.

Are you already involved in a project through a service provider but dissatisfied with their work? Then, a quick and easy switch is possible: this will enable Etengo to process your further involvement in the project professionally and reliably for you.

For you, this means that in Etengo you have a partner that is valued and known to many customers, really has your back, takes over complex administrative activities such as lengthy contract negotiations or complicated ordering processes, and paves the way for your smooth involvement in the project.

With Etengo, you can rely on a long-term and real partnership. In our experience, you cannot achieve personal success with a short-term strategy. We firmly believe that we can only develop your personal success—in terms of career, appropriate remuneration and the optimal marketing of your skills—in a long-term and trust-based partnership. And this is precisely the scope and objective of the Etengo partner programmes, which we have developed specifically for our IT specialists.

Etengo gold partner

Etengo gold partners are our qualified IT specialists, for whom we set high standards: the developed solutions must meet customer requirements without compromise, project objectives must be achieved on time and within budget, and the results must be entirely satisfactory to the customer. Gold partners are distinguished by their excellent specialist knowledge and extensive practical experience, which they have successfully demonstrated in Etengo projects. Hence, they have verifiable competences and experience.

The exclusively awarded gold partner seal improves your image, making it appear more professional, and ensures preferential consideration and presentation of your profile to the customer with a personal reference by Etengo. Etengo gold partners enjoy other unique advantages, which we would be pleased to discuss directly with you.

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Boost your career and bring it that decisive step forward with Etengo.

As a leading staffing consultancy with a strict focus on IT specialists, we give our candidates access to the most attractive employers and jobs in permanent employment. Here, you will only find carefully selected vacancies entrusted to us due to our long-standing direct contact with the relevant decision makers. Many of these exciting career opportunities are never accessible through public tender - they would all remain unknown opportunities unless you access them through us. Due to our strict IT focus, we understand precisely what is important for each vacancy and what would really promote you as an IT specialist.


Do you fancy a new challenge? Then we will bring your career that decisive step forward! At least that’s what other candidates who have successfully boosted their careers with us say. With us, you as a candidate take centre stage, because furthering careers is our great strength and passion. Young professionals as well as experienced specialists and executives cannot go wrong with us, regardless of whether their employer of choice is a start-up, a strong medium-sized company, a renowned DAX-listed corporation or a public institution.

How do we work? First, we would like to understand exactly what your strengths, goals and expectations are. It is only this way that we can find your perfectly matching employer. Etengo is by your side, from initial contact, preparation and guidance in the interview phase, to signing a contract, and to the smooth start in your position of choice. We’re always there for you and will put all our experience at your disposal throughout the entire process. This is transparent, clearly structured and goal-oriented for you as a candidate. Absolute discretion and tact are a matter of course for us. Our professional coaching ensures that you will present yourself to your employer of choice in the best possible way, increasing your chances of being selected.

The optimal presentation of your skills and strengths is the basic requirement to make your next logical career step a reality. From years of experience, we know precisely what customers value and what makes a candidate particularly interesting to them. It is often the small, inconspicuous things that decide for or against a candidate. And it is precisely these details that we know. Therefore, we can specifically help you present yourself in the best possible light.


Whether freelance or in permanent employment,

our jobs and projects will really get you ahead.


Marina Merziger

 (Unit Manager | Delivery Management)