The GO for your added value: Etengo

Our mission

We create digital prospects for DIG.IT specialists and companies. We arrange the deployment of freelance DIG.IT experts on specific projects in Germany and thus help companies of all sizes and from all industries to make their IT-related visions a reality and map out their digital future. Throughout this process, we support our customers and DIG.IT specialists, acting as a capable partner, providing fair advice, giving feedback to improve motivation and actively organising the staffing of digital projects in order to help the German economy and shape the course of digitalisation. In turn, Etengo provides a highly professional staffing service of exceptional quality that we call SMART Freelancing.

Digitisation Automation technology Software development Development and programming IT-security, Cyber-security Billing processes and solutions Artificial intelligence, Data Science BI, Big Data, Data Management Quality management, assurance and testing Cloud services and technology Business and organisational consulting

Our key values

Our success and yours are built around our four key values

As a highly specialist staffing service provider for the deployment of freelance digital and IT specialists on specific projects, everything we do at all times and all our interactions with everyone we meet are based on our four corporate values.


We are capable because we are specialists. Like no other staffing service provider, we have focused on the deployment of highly skilled freelance digital and IT specialists. Our know-how means we can offer companies and DIG.IT specialists real added value, which is why we are also proactive in building up this know-how. Every day.


We want to be successful together. This is something that is felt by our customers, our highly qualified DIG.IT specialists and the people who work for us. Every day. We have energy and motivation which is almost tangible in every situation. We are driven by success, our targets and the desire to create new digital prospects for companies and IT specialists alike.


We are committed and reliable in what we do, and completely transparent towards our customers and DIG.IT experts. We have an impressive level of consistent openness, are self-assured and consider partnership the priority in every situation, which is evidenced through our open book policy, among other things. The result is a win–win–win situation for our customers, our DIG.IT experts and us.


It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it. And this applies both internally and externally, which is why we are always respectful and courteous towards DIG.IT specialists, customers and colleagues in every situation. Because we are all working towards the same objective of a trustworthy cooperation based on partnership. This is the basis on which we can be successful together.

Our location in Mannheim

Konrad-Zuse-Ring 27
68163 Mannheim
+49 621 15 021 0

Our location in Berlin

Bertha-Benz-Straße 5
10557 Berlin
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Our location in Dresden

Bautzner Str. 22
01099 Dresden
+49 621 15 021 0

Our location in Duesseldorf

Speditionstraße 13
40221 Duesseldorf
+49 621 15 021 0

Our location in Frankfurt Main

Tower 185, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37
60327 Frankfurt Main
+49 621 15 021 0

Our location in Cologne

Brüsseler Straße 89-93
50672 Cologne
+49 621 15 021 0

Our location in München

Ridlerstraße 37-39
80339 München
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