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As a company project manager, you want to capitalise on the opportunities offered by digitalisation, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0 in order to secure a competitive advantage for your company. For the innovation and digitalisation projects you have planned, you need suitable IT skills, supporting know-how and innovative mindsets on a temporary basis. And you can get them, quickly and flexibly. As your specialist IT staffing service provider, Etengo makes arrangements for the project-based deployment of freelance DIG.IT specialists for you, at every level of the hierarchy and throughout the entire IT project cycle.

Our service:
SMART freelancing

SMART is more than just a word to us. It defines – letter by letter – what we promise to you as an Etengo customer. For us, SMART means Specialising (S) in digital and IT freelancing, Making (M) sure people are at the heart of what we do, being Agile (A) in the way we work with you, ensuring Reliable (R) legal compliance on the appointment and placement of freelancers, and being Transparent (T) at all times based on our consistent open book policy.

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The Etengo process

Structured to success.

We don’t leave anything to chance, especially when it comes to the success of your project. This is why every time you place a DIG.IT specialist for one of your projects, you are coming one step closer to success.


1. Customer enquiry

  • Consultation, analysis of requirements and working together to clarify what services are needed
  • Analysis of project goals and coordination of the roles and skills required
  • Definition of the expert profiles required
  • Iterative fine-tuning with project manager


  • Development of an individual search strategy to meet the needs of the customer and the project
  • Manual and semi-automated matching of potential specialists based on roles and skills
  • Careful pre-selection

Detailed selection

  • Analysis of the qualifications of the pre-selected DIG.IT experts based on the project
  • Manual refinement of match results
  • Final hand-picked selection of profiles for interviews


  • Getting to know the selected DIG.IT experts by telephone and/or in person
  • Individual introduction of the project and clarification of the details
  • Personal comparison of project requirements and the profile
  • Final pre-selection


  • Presentation of pre-selected profiles
  • Joint selection of preferred specialist
  • Fair negotiation process with open book transparency
  • Drafting and finalisation of freelancer contract, and simultaneous appointment by the customer
  • Organisation of the start of the project

Contract phase

  • Coordination of project start
  • Ongoing support for the specialist and the customer project manager
  • Permanent monitoring of the budget
  • Payment processing and monitoring
  • Clarification of potential extensions at an early stage

40,000 DIG.IT specialists

As we have focused for so long on IT and related skills, we know the market for freelance DIG.IT specialists very well and these specialists know us and trust us. Thanks to proactive, predictive recruitment of freelance IT specialists, we now have an active network of more than 40,000 DIG.IT experts at our disposal. This allows us to guarantee that the qualifications you require are available at short notice, and to provide uncomplicated support in utilising the right specialists to ensure your IT projects and planned innovations are completed successfully, on time and within budget. This applies across all industries and at all levels of the hierarchy. In order to achieve this, we use a process of trend scouting to allow us to recruit not only individual experts with the required skills and experience, but also entire teams.

Certified. According to ISO 9001.

Structured work, clean processes, continuous improvement. In order to guarantee the quality of our personnel services at all times and to constantly improve them, Etengo works across all process steps with an established quality management system that has been assessed by external auditors from DEKRA and certified according to ISO standard 9001:2015.

Decision-makers on the customer side and IT experts thus benefit from the high, certified quality standards at all times when working with Etengo. And make no compromises.

Qualitätsmanagement nach der ISO Norm 9001:2015

Etengo creates added value for you.

A network of the right DIG.IT specialists for you.

SMART freelancing expert Etengo can offer you access to the best DIG.IT specialists in the market so that you can complete your IT or digitalisation project on time and within budget.

Minimum effort for maximum project success.

Looking for the right know-how for your project? It’s all yours, as soon as you start the consultation phase for your requirements. This is because you will have an expert Etengo consultant by your side, someone who specialises in defining your technical (project) requirements and who may well already know the perfect DIG.IT specialists for you. Our one-face-to-the-customer policy minimises the time you need to invest and maximises your project success. Because you get exactly the available specialists you need for your IT project to be successfully implemented and completed.

Quick appointments, even for non-standard requests.

Time is always in short supply, which is why we usually present you with profiles of suitable DIG.IT experts within 24 hours of your request, even if it is a particularly challenging one. This is because we have spent years building up a network based on trust and transparency within the German IT community. Not only do we know all about the specialist and personal expertise of our freelancers, we also know whether they are available. This is exactly why we can access the know-how you need and the best minds on the market, and quickly.

High process quality with no compromises.

Our job is to ensure your success. This is why we make no compromises in the quality of the service we provide to you. For every enquiry, our professionals undergo a series of quality control steps with standardised, structured procedures throughout the recruitment process. Finding the perfect resources for your project is always our priority.

Tailor-made compliance system for your freelancer assignment.

This gives you peace of mind. We have the legal and compliance expertise to provide integrated support when it comes to ensuring that your appointment of freelance DIG.IT specialists is fully compliant with the regulations. We are also happy to share these processes with the procurement and legal directors of your company.

An enduring single point of contact: One face to the customer.

To ensure that our partnership is based on trust, you will work with a single consultant who is familiar with the challenges you face and who will get to know your company better and better over the course of the collaboration. This ensures that no relevant information gets lost during the appointment processes. And you always get exactly the expertise and IT skills you need for your project to be a success.

Compliance Compass

Even more security when contracting and using freelance IT experts.

The Etengo Freelancing Compliance Compass, which is specially tailored to IT services in the area of contracting, combines various compliance modules throughout the contracting process and the performance of contracts to provide a continuously monitoring early warning system.

With our long-standing, in-depth expert knowledge of compliance and the law, we ensure that each individual compliance module is based on the latest case law and legal literature. Just like our own approach.

See for yourself. →


Is your freelance IT specialist really independent?

Before we show you the profiles of highly specialised IT specialists, we have reliably assessed them as independent through our mandatory Freelancer Compliance Check. This means you can be sure that your IT specialist is acting independently, thinking in an enterprising way and organising their freelance work independently.

Two-part performance check

Is independent service provision possible?

Before placing a project, Etengo analyses your enquiry with the help of the special CA check and verifies whether it is possible for the IT specialist to work independently. This is performed on a project-specific basis by asking structured questions concerning the desired contractual service, the instructions and the IT freelancer’s integration into the organisation. Etengo thoroughly compares the CA check against the current legal situation and continuously develops it.

Is any particular performance owed?

When concluding contracts, we focus on the service description. The Etengo guidelines help us to figure out whether the description contained in the contract constitutes an (independent) service or whether “just” labour is to be provided. This enables us to respond accordingly. We therefore differentiate between temporary staffing contracts and employment contracts.

Contract review

Is there any legal certainty?

For every project, the Etengo legal department checks whether the appropriate contractual documents (both on the customer’s part and on the freelance IT specialists’ part) meet the legal requirements for (freelance) contracts for work and services. This also gives you security.

Contractual term checks

Are contracts being performed as agreed?

Throughout the ongoing performance of the contract, Etengo performs regular checks on whether the requirements of independent service provision continue to be met.

Tried-and-tested quality for every project contract.

At Etengo, we carry out constant checks on the quality of our service in order to guarantee that we can keep our promises on quality.

Guaranteeing the quality of our pool of specialists.

We make careful checks on who we consider as Etengo specialists for our customers. Only one in three DIG.IT specialists makes the cut and successfully qualifies to join the Etengo pool of specialists. The DIG.IT specialists we propose for your IT projects are also subject to continuous qualification controls.

Top-notch recruitment process based on a qualified definition of requirements

When it comes to recording your requirements, we use a standardised system that requests and documents all the important information relating to the recruitment process. This way we can guarantee we get the optimum freelancers for your IT project.

AI-enhanced search: Quality in the selection process.

We have a unique matching algorithm which is constantly being improved in order to help select the specific DIG.IT specialist you need. This guarantees a perfect fit between your requirements and the candidate profiles in the shortest time possible. We respond quickly to your enquiry by submitting up to three hand-picked candidates. As part of our comprehensive quality assurance system, we brief each of the DIG.IT specialists in detail and test their suitability for your project before presenting them to you.

Continuous quality assurance means quality through feedback.

We want you to succeed, which is why our quality and process control systems guarantee seamless cooperation even after a successful placement. We therefore request structured feedback from both you and the DIG.IT specialists. This allows us to maintain the quality of cooperation at the highest level and thus ensure the quality of the joint result.

Enquiry about specific requirements

Do you need DIG.IT specialists for your IT projects? Find your specialists at Etengo.

Do you need the right DIG.IT specialists with the suitable digital and IT skills to successfully implement your IT project? Welcome to Etengo. We would be happy to introduce you to the DIG.IT specialists you need, normally within 24 hours.