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The frequently asked questions to Etengo

How can I apply to Etengo?

It’s very simple, just take a look at our internal careers page to see if one of the positions advertised at Etengo would be something you would consider and be right for you. On the details page for the job advertisement, you can then apply for the position you want in just a few clicks via the ‘Apply online now’ button. We look forward to receiving your application.

Can I also send a speculative application?

Absolutely! If there is no vacancy on our list that suits you, you can send us a speculative application at any time. Just send your application documents to

What happens after I have submitted my application?

You’re really keen to find out where you stand. So are we. So we will check your application immediately. This means we will get back to you with an evaluation and feedback as soon as we can. This normally takes the form of a telephone interview so we can get to know you even better. If this goes well, we will invite you to a personal interview with the department in question. In the current times, most of the interviews are virtual using video conferencing. We will discuss the procedure with you as required.

What supporting documents do you require?

We want to know who you are, what motivates you and why you want to work with Etengo. Be yourself. You’re welcome to include a covering letter with your application, and unfortunately we are unable to accept applications without a CV and all relevant references and certificates, plus your earliest possible start date and your salary expectations.

Who do I address my application to?

There is no need for the personal approach. A general greeting is fine (‘Dear Recruitment Team’, for example).

Can I apply for more than one position?

In theory, yes. However, we would recommend that you apply for only one position and state the other positions that interest you in your covering letter.

Can I still apply for a position if it has been advertised online for a long time?

As long as the position is advertised on our internal careers page, you can apply. We are always on the look out for suitable, motivated new members of staff, especially in key account management.

Can I apply again if I have already been rejected?

Sure! Just because we have chosen someone else for a specific position, it does not mean that there is no suitable position for you at Etengo. Our HR team also checks whether it would make sense for each applicant to join our talent pool. Irrespective of this, you are welcome to apply to us again at a later date.

What are the rules when I upload my documents?

We support all standard formats, including .pdf, .doc, .docx and .jpg. Please note that the total size of all your files must not exceed 5 MB.

What is the onboarding process like?

Even before you start, we’ll give you all the information you need so you know what to expect on your first day and during your first few weeks at Etengo. Our comprehensive onboarding programme gives you the best possible start for your new job at Etengo. Your personal mentor will support you every step of the way.

When are the next start dates?

Most people start working at Etengo on the first of the month. The cross-department starter training courses also start on the same day, so you can get on your feet quickly and find out what’s what.

Which industries does Etengo work in?

We are a staffing service provider that specialises in the placement of highly skilled digital and IT experts in relevant projects. This means we help German companies of all sizes and from all industries to make IT-related visions a reality and shape their digital future.

What qualities do I need to have to work at Etengo?

We have drive and energy. We get things done and stay in close contact with our customers and DIG.IT specialists. We think ahead and look for the best solution because we love being successful together. We need, want and expect this passion and commitment from you, as do your team, our customers and DIG.IT experts.

What are the career prospects at Etengo?

A successful career is important to you and to us, which is why we provide you with support on how to be successful at Etengo from your very first day. This involves giving individual training based on your personal ambitions and career plans, targeted coaching and continuous professional development. If you take responsibility, including personal responsibility, and focus on your career at Etengo, we will do everything we can to make it work for you. It doesn’t matter whether you see yourself in a professional career or a management one.

What is Etengo looking for in its key account management applicants?

Most of our employees in key account management have a degree in economics, humanities or social science. But those changing career are also just as welcome.

What is the team atmosphere and corporate culture like at Etengo?

We do a great deal to make sure you really feel at home with Etengo. We live and breathe fairness and transparency, both internally towards our colleagues, fellow workers and managers, and externally towards our customers and DIG.IT specialists, with our open book policy as one example. This creates a feeling of trust, which is the prerequisite for a cooperation based on partnership. We ensure positive communication across all levels. We see feedback and constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve together. Every day. From juniors to board members, we have a positive ‘all about you mentality’ with flat hierarchies and constructive, open communication.

What’s the dress code?

Business dress. We communicate with managing directors, specialists and executives on an equal footing and guarantee professional, quality staffing of projects in the IT sector.

Do you have multiple locations?

Yes. We currently work from modern offices in Mannheim and Berlin.

My question has not been answered here, where can I ask for further information?

You can contact us directly. Julia Weber, Talent Acquisition Manager, +49 (0)621 15 021 217, will be happy to answer all your questions.

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