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One thing is clear: Our mission

We organise the placement of highly skilled DIG.IT experts on specific projects. This means we help German companies of all sizes and from all industries to make IT-related visions a reality and shape their digital future.

This is how we work at Etengo. This is how we work together to achieve success.

  • We know what to do. And we do it. We are all responsible and helpful contacts in our own specific areas.
  • We have drive and energy. We get things done and stay in close contact with our customers and DIG.IT specialists. We think ahead and look for the best solution, because we love it when we are all successful.
  • We live and breathe fairness and transparency, both internally towards our colleagues, fellow workers and managers, and externally towards our customers and DIG.IT specialists, with our open book policy as one example. This creates a feeling of trust, which is the prerequisite for a cooperation based on partnership.
  • We ensure positive communication across all levels. We see feedback and constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve together. Every day.

Your career and development opportunities at Etengo.

Write the next chapter of your personal success story.

A successful career is important to you. And to us. So we provide you with support on how to be successful at Etengo from your very first day. This involves giving individual training based on your personal ambitions and career plans, targeted coaching and continuous professional development. If you take responsibility, including personal responsibility, and focus on your career at Etengo, we will do everything we can to make it work for you, whatever career path you choose.

Technical career path

You are an expert in your field and working towards senior level. Your word is your bond. You have impressive expertise. With your experience and know-how, you are the first point of contact for customers, an able consultant for IT experts and a role model for your colleagues.

Management career path

You are expanding your expertise and leadership skills. Your goal is to be an inspiring leader for your team, your department and your division in every leadership situation. You want to inspire your team and allow them to achieve the very best that they can.

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Extra benefits for you

Your motivation and commitment are the essential building blocks for your success. So we have made a very conscious decision to invest heavily in order to create benefits, motivational incentives and a supportive working environment in which you can be successful.

Permanent position

We treat each other fairly, from the very beginning, which is why we offer you a permanent position from your very first day at Etengo, because we also want 100% commitment from you.

Company pension scheme

Private pensions are becoming increasingly important against the backdrop of changing population and pension trends. If you opt for company pension through Etengo, we pay a voluntary employer’s allowance of up to 20 per cent.

Thorough onboarding process

We do not leave your success to chance. We provide training to suit your individual skill set and career status so that you can be successful with us. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting your career with us or already taking the second or third step up the career ladder. We will support you!

Mentoring programme

With us, you can learn from the best! You will have regular one-to-one meetings with experienced mentors and managers, who will support you throughout your career at Etengo and help you get ahead on both a professional and personal level.


If you accumulate extra credit in your time account during very busy periods, you have the flexibility to choose how to use it. You can take the time off in lieu as whole or half days or even just hours at a time. The choice is yours.

Flexible working hours

During the core working hours from 10:00 to 16:00, we are all on site for our customers and DIG.IT experts. How long you are in the office before and after those times is up to you. We believe in personal responsibility, after all, you are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly and there are no sticking points in your own area.

Mobile working

Once your probation period is over, you will have the opportunity of working remotely from home by arrangement with your team.

Etengo sabbatical

Time to do what you have always wanted! If you have been with the company for three years or more, you have the option of taking a sabbatical of two full calendar months in a row. Etengo will continue to pay your social security contributions and give you an additional sabbatical bonus so you can enjoy your sabbatical without worrying about money. Of course, your job at Etengo is perfectly safe during this period.

Employee events

We know how to celebrate success on both a low-key and a large scale basis. So we combine spontaneous events, great summer parties and festive Christmas celebrations with lots and lots of team events throughout the year.

Drinks, fruit baskets, snacks

We don’t want you to want for anything, so our fridges are always well stocked with a range of soft drinks and the coffee machines are filled with the very best freshly-roasted beans. We even provide the beer on a Friday evening. For a healthy start to the day, we provide baskets full of seasonal fruit, and at lunchtime, we alternate between a variety of soups from Little Lunch and MyMüsli. Help yourself.

Company health and fitness

We can help you stay fit and healthy! Etengo gives you discounts on gym memberships. We also offer our employees medical check-ups, including company eye tests.

Company car

It is worth going full throttle at work. Depending on your position and how well you meet your targets, you could be given a company car, which, of course, is for private use too. Otherwise, it’s no fun.

Job ticket

We offer a job ticket for public transport so you can get to work without stress in an environmentally friendly way, and, of course, you can use it outside of work too.

Modern Art. Of Working.

The Etengo company headquarters was designed to meet our specific requirements. As well as modern team offices, we have numerous quiet rooms where employees can discuss things in peace or bounce around new ideas over a coffee. We have the base camp and a roof terrace with a view of Mannheim airport, so there is plenty of space for long lunch breaks or the odd company event. There is also a sports arena featuring games machines, table football and air hockey. Those who prefer a less active approach can chill out in our Japanese relaxation room. All good reasons to look forward to going to the office every day.

That's what our colleagues say. About us.

I believe that how efficiently someone does their job has a real impact on how they perceive their work–life balance. And, like everywhere else, the workload varies. But time can be taken off in lieu of overtime at any time.

Work–life balance

Like anywhere, solidarity within the team probably depends very much on the team members. In my team, the people I work with are one of the reasons I enjoy going to the office every day.

Solidarity within the team

I have had nothing but positive experiences with my line managers. They challenge, encourage and support wherever they can, with all interaction on an equal footing!

Line managers

Gender equality is a given.

Equal rights

Are we a good fit?

Test yourself. And us.

Team player

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