Bewerben bei etengo


Welcome to Etengo.

It’s great that you are thinking about applying to Etengo. That’s why you are here. And if you want to know the ‘right’ way to apply to us so that you can take your first step or the next step up the career ladder at Etengo, the answer is easy: just be open and honest.

We want to get to know you – your story, your motivation, your aspirations and your expectations.

Stefanie wunsch
Stefanie Wunsch / Head of Talent Acquisition & Development

What is important to us in your application.

  • Make sure it is complete.

    You’re welcome to include a covering letter with your application, and unfortunately we are unable to accept applications without a CV and all relevant references and certificates, plus your earliest possible start date and your salary expectations.

  • You have nothing to hide.
    Gaps in your CV? No worries! There must have been a reason for them. Be open and honest about things.
  • Impress us with your expertise.
    You know what you can do. And why you are the best person for the position advertised. Write it down for us in your application.
  • Be yourself.
    We live, breathe and love diversity. Let your personality shine through in your application. This allows us to see how well you will fit in with us.
  • Show us your motivation.
    In your application, explain why you want to work at Etengo as a student, professional, new starter or career changer and what drives you on to being really successful with us.

Our application process

What happens after you submit your application.

You have taken the time to carefully write your application documents and send them to us by email or online. Thank you very much for that. This is what happens next, because we don’t want to keep you waiting.


HR application check

You’re really keen to find out where you stand. So are we. That is why we check your application immediately. This means we will get back to you with an evaluation and feedback immediately. This normally takes the form of a telephone interview so we can get to know you even better.

Department test

After the telephone interview, we will forward your application to your future department and get your line manager involved in your application process.

Evaluation interview

Welcome to our company. Your job interview is a chance to get to know your future mentor in person. And for us to get to know you. Take the opportunity to show us who you are, what drives you, what you are all about. We look forward to it.

Quick decision

DYou will notice that we don’t waste time when it comes to making appointments. We know that the time after the interview can be very stressful. So we will give you feedback quickly.

Flying start and onboarding

Even before you start, we’ll give you all the information you need so you know what to expect on your first day and throughout the onboarding process during your first few weeks at Etengo. You should be looking forward to it. We are!