We create digital perspectives.

For DIG.IT-experts and companies.

Etengo is a staffing service provider that specialises in the placement of highly skilled digital and IT specialists in relevant projects. We are the only one of the top five staffing service providers in Germany to focus specifically on digital and IT skills and IT-related activities. We therefore have highly specialist expertise and a constantly updated network of the best digital and IT specialists in Germany.


As a DIG.IT expert, you are on the lookout for the most interesting projects. As a company, you need fast and flexible know-how in order to implement digital and IT projects. Etengo is a service provider that makes the necessary arrangements for you to work together on projects, thus creating real added value. For both DIG.IT experts and companies. We make sure that there is a perfect fit between freelance specialists and projects based on transparent, fair terms. This allows us to uphold the competitiveness of our customers and guarantee the successful placement of our DIG.IT specialists. Both sides can benefit from the highly professional Etengo staffing service. Both sides can benefit from SMART FREELANCING.

Etengo benefits for DIG.IT experts

  • Permanent access to interesting and innovative digital and IT projects
  • Targeted introduction to best-fit projects
  • Attractive principals from Germany’s key industries
  • Immediate organisation of follow-up projects
  • Proactive support on compliance and legal issues
  • Access to calculations and the billing rate negotiated with the customer

Etengo benefits for customers

  • Access to a network of the best DIG.IT experts on the market
  • Fast availability of sought-after IT skills: Profiles normally presented within 24 hours
  • Fast fulfilment of even non-standard requests
  • Tailor-made legal compliance system for the appointment of freelance DIG.IT specialists
  • Proactive, forward-thinking recruitment
  • Open book: Access to Etengo’s calculations and transparency on billing rates for freelance specialists


Etengo setzt Standards. Neben der Qualität der Dienstleistung auch bei Transparenz und Fairness. Etengo hat als Pionier der Branche beidseitiges Open Book etabliert. Open Book ist die konsequente und transparente Offenlegung der Stundensatzkalkulationen gegenüber Kunden und DIG.IT-Experten. So wissen unsere freiberuflichen Spezialisten immer, wie viel das Unternehmen für ihr Know-how bezahlt und unsere Kunden exakt, was die Leistung der DIG.IT-Experten wert ist. Das nennen wir Fairness. So schafft Open Book gegenseitiges Vertrauen: die Grundlage jedes Projekterfolges.

Organising your success. Throughout Germany.

We are passionate about your success. With some 160 permanent Etengo employees, we make the arrangements for the deployment of highly qualified digital and IT specialists for our customers’ specific projects. Throughout Germany.

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Gute Gründe für den Einsatz von freiberuflichen DIG.IT-Experten

Die Zukunft ist digital. Der projektbasierte Einsatz von freiberuflichen Digital- und IT-Spezialisten rückt daher aus guten Gründen mehr und mehr in den Fokus von Unternehmen. Sie können sich für jedes IT-Projekt zeitlich befristet genau die Expertise ins Unternehmen holen, die sie zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung des Projektes benötigen. Und das bietet Unternehmen aller Branchen und aller Größen klare Wettbewerbsvorteile.