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Working at the cutting edge involves more than ‘just’ addressing and implementing digitisation requirements, which are tough enough as is. It involves consistently thinking ahead and proactively furthering the digital future. It also involves being open to the ever newer issues and challenges related to this transformation, and influencing them yourself. Therefore, it requires action rather than words.

Only in this way can an innovative and reliable partner help specialists and customers transform their digitisation challenges, and thus ensure shared future success. This requires an enabler.


And this is precisely Etengo’s role. We have long and consistently addressed digitisation trends and, as opinion leaders and recognised industry experts, advocated the creation of the necessary political framework. Hence, we know exactly what is going on in the market and are actively influencing it. And our IT specialists and customers also benefit from this distinct advantage.


In the course of the progressing digitisation of the economy, well-trained IT specialists are more sought-after than ever—especially freelancers. Although numerous studies regularly investigate the significance and use of freelance IT specialists, no representative long-term analysis has been conducted yet.

This omission was remedied with the ‘Etengo Freelancer Index (EFX)’, an ongoing study that we developed with our partner BITKOM Research in early 2016. The result: a reliable indicator of the trend in the demand for IT freelancers in Germany.

Consequently, we know exactly how the IT project economy is developing and what the existing and emerging needs are. Furthermore, the issue question in each biannual edition of the EFX provides us with answers to the exciting and important issues of current relevance to the IT industry.

In association with renowned partners, we also regularly publish recognised market analyses where we ask the right questions in order to provide our IT specialists and customers with the answers they need. This because we are convinced of the importance of knowing what will be essential in future.

The annual Etengo Symposium has become an established, top-class and exclusive series of events focused on the challenges and trends in information technology.

It addresses exciting, important and thought-provoking issues, broadening participants’ views of their areas of expertise. Together, we examine and discuss how information technology influences the economy, society and politics now and in future, and what the subsequent opportunities and challenges will be.

Not only do we want to address current and future issues in this event, we also want to get you involved and thinking ahead together with us. Because this is how forethought works.

As co-founders of the Bundesverband für selbständige Wissensarbeit e.V., we provide political, economic and social representatives with critical information and practical solutions for securing Germany’s long-term competitiveness.

Mobile knowledge workers enable companies and public institutions to continue implementing projects efficiently, thus sustaining the innovativeness and competitiveness of the German economy. As a result, the labour market, society and the economy can all equally benefit from the flexible use of highly skilled specialists. It is necessary that politicians, both together and in consultation with voluntary self-employed workers and economists, actively influence this transformation and, more importantly, create a reliable legal framework and, ultimately, legal compliance and planning certainty.

But we are not simply waiting in the hope that the framework turns out to be positive. Rather, we are steering it ourselves and, in collaboration with other leading staffing service providers and renowned associations in Germany, ensuring that we are on the right course. Thus, we are setting the course for a sustainable project economy in Germany, in turn making a valuable contribution to our IT specialists and customers.

Both customers and IT specialists benefit from our knowledge advantage, since we possess first-hand information and have established contacts in ministries, agencies, committees and elected representatives in the Bundestag (German parliament). In accordance with the code of conduct of the Bundesverband für selbständige Wissensarbeit e. V., we are committed to acknowledged standards that ensure regulatory and legal compliance in the use of self-employed knowledge workers.




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