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We have the top talent.

With Etengo, you always have access to the top candidates.

We do not search for experienced and sought-after talent. We already know them. This is a key attribute when advising companies and helping them develop and extend their digital competences. We recruit both individual experts with a specific qualification profile and entire teams.

Proactive and predictive recruitment ensures that our candidate profiles are always up to date and that the required IT specialists and qualifications are immediately available. Our exclusive network of 50,000 rigorously selected specialists guarantees that your vacancies are filled quickly and unerringly. Why are we successful at this? Because we are the major hub for IT specialists in Germany. This is, because we are the only one of the leading staffing service providers that focuses exclusively on IT skills and IT-related areas.

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We love precision.

As an Etengo customer, you will secure the top expertise. And this lightning fast.

Experienced employees with IT expertise are specifically supported by our unique, ontology-based matching algorithm. This guarantees an exact match between your requirements and the candidate profiles in the shortest time possible. Following your enquiry, we promptly submit up to three hand-picked candidates for you to choose your preferred one from a few, ideal specialists. We call this the three-profile strategy: effective due to quality rather than quantity.

We are good at recruitment.

With Etengo, you benefit from the extensively tried-and-tested expertise in recruitment of a leading staffing service provider.

Our mantra ‘making perfect matches’

is also our quality promise to customers and IT specialists: only the perfect person with exactly the right expertise, the right attitude and the right soft skills will quickly and effectively make a success of your job or project. And this is precisely our objective: to find the ideal specialist.

The highest quality standards do not only apply to our perfect matches, they also apply to our service.

We are able to meet these standards through a consistent approach: a sophisticated recruitment process with standardised and structured steps has the greatest impact on quality. Consistent double-checking and firmly established checkpoints throughout the entire process ensure that we provide our customers the highest quality service possible at all times, be it at the start when verifying the customer’s enquiry or later at the appointment stage when selecting the top candidate profiles

A multi-stage process for quality assurance in which you the customer also play a central role: for us, this is standard!


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We love IT. And only IT.

Etengo delivers the solution for your needs!

We recruit IT specialists for the entire IT cycle and for practically any challenge, from qualified specialists to programme managers. By selecting the ideal specialists, we provide the perfect skills for every phase of the project and role. Our core activities involve all IT and IT-related skills.

Due to our specific IT and IT-related focus, we know the IT candidate market better than anyone else, and candidates know us and value us.

This excellent network in the IT community and our reputation provide you with decisive added value:

we are always able to deliver.

We influence the future.

We at Etengo work at the cutting edge.

Together with our customers and specialists, we constantly further the digital future. The ability to successfully and quickly implement innovation and digitisation projects is often decisive for corporate sustainability. And this is precisely when we are the partner that transforms your challenges into opportunities and ensures your future success.

In order to be in a position to do this, we proactively and distinctly address digitisation trends and the necessary political framework. Ultimately, this will ensure your company’s success.


What we can do for our customers!

We are a change enabler, working in partnership with our customers. The precise and lightning-fast provision of urgently needed IT expertise is our passion, our strength and our pledge. Our services make a critical contribution to our customers’ sustainability.